Export LN Data


This section is supposed to help and guide the user to export data from LN to Excel files using Infor ION API. Before getting to know the necessary parameters for exporting data, it is highly important to mention that Infor ION API only supports the following services:

  • SalesOrder
  • Business_Partner_v3

Just as a friendly reminder again, whenever you need help and advice just enter the following command and you will see which parameters are needed for the option of **exporting*:*

inforion ln ExportData --help


Parameter Description
-u, –url The full URL to the API is needed. Please note you need to enter the full url like …/LN/c4ws/services/SalesOrder [required]
-i, –ionfile IONFile is needed to login in to Infor OS. Please go into ION and generate a IONFile. If not provided, a prompt will allow you to type the input text. [required]
-c, –company Company for which you want to export data. e.g 121. [required]
-s, –service_name Service name for which you want to export data. See above for currently supported sevice names. [required]
-o, –outputfile File as Output File - Data will be exported to this file.


inforion ln ExportData -s BusinessPartner_v3 -u https://Xi2016.gdeinfor2.com:7443/infor/LN/c4ws/services/ -i LN.ionapi -c 121 -o BusinessPartners.xlsx

Anyway, here is a very self-explanatory video of how to handle the step of extracting data.